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The place where your parcels wait for you.

Pickup point

A part of the concept of Pickup points is cooperation with the stores or smaller operations. We are looking for partners who are like us customer oriented, providing quality services and are interested in long term cooperation with DPD.

Advantages of cooperation

  • Get advertising of your operation at delivery of all parcels in your area
  • Acquire new customers who will visit your operation to pick up a parcel
  • Increase attendance in your operation
  • Increase your sale
  • Get propagation of the name and address of your operation via DPD
  • Get a competitive advantage by extending the services offered in your operation
  • Offer customers price-effective and quality shipment of the parcels from which you will benefit
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • DPD will provide technical support – necessary HW and SW to take over and give out the parcels, the Internet connection 

Basic requirements for our partners

  • Focus on quality and services
  • Space for storage and handling of the parcels to be delivered
  • Adequate opening hours
  • Placement of the operation in a busy and accessible location
  • Placement of the logo of a Pickup point in a place visible from the street
  • Operation in the town centre, near larger residential districts or shopping malls
  • Possibility of parking nearby 

Are you interested in operating of a Pickup point?