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Influence method, place

and time of delivery of your goods with DPD.

For e-shops

Take advantage of the cost-effective and secure solution how to deliver parcels to your customers. Give them opportunity to pick up the parcel in person form the Pickup point at a time that suits them without having to be limited by the arrival of the courier.

A courier will pick up consignments from you and a recipient chooses to which Pickup point your goods have to be delivered.

Your advantages

  • You will provide your customers with another practical option how to take over a consignment  
  • You will obtain a single network of pickup points for your goods
  • Special advantageous price list
  • You will gain new customers preferring personal picking up
  • You will gain the integration tools enabling you to add the option “Pickup point” to the shipment options placed on your website
  • Insurance of domestic consignments up to 2,500 euros included in price 

Your customer’s advantages

  • Possibility to pick up the consignment at the time that suits him
  • SMS or email sent to the recipient at picking up the parcel with a possibility to influence the space or time of delivery
  • SMS or email sent to the recipient at delivery of the parcel to a Pickup point
  • SMS with a reminder on storing the consignment, the SMS sent to the recipient on the 3rd and 7th day from delivery of the consignment to the Pickup point
  • Storing the parcel in the Pickup point up to 7 working days

So as to enable your customers to choose a correct pickup point, it is necessary to integrate the search engine into the website of your e-shop.

The system will provide the information about all parameters of the chosen pickup point, for example:

  • weight limit at that pickup point
  • available services in each chosen Pickup point
  • an option to pay by payment card for C.O.D.
  • opening hours of an operation and all needed contact data
  • location services of the pickup points – lists of the accessible Pickup points within a certain radius according to the recipient’s address

A part of the integration is sending the notification SMS on accessibility of the parcel in the Pickup point to the recipient’s mobile phone, reminder if the parcel hasn’t been picked up for 3 days and the SMS informing about the last day of storing the parcel at the pickup point.

Sending out

Your consignment can be sent to a Pickup point in two ways:

Redirection of the consignment to the Pickup point

During delivery of the consignment, the recipient is by DPD notified of the date when he will be delivered his goods. If the date or delivery address doesn’t suit him, he can redirect the consignment to a new address or to change the date of delivery. A new option is redirection of the consignment to a Pickup point where it will be stored for 7 calendar days. The recipient needn’t limit himself with the couriers arrival and may pick up the parcel at the time that suits him – anytime during opening hours of the Pickup point.

Direct dispatch of the consignment to the Pickup point

On the website of the e-shop the recipient chooses the option “Delivery to the Pickup point” and in the list of the Pickup pints chooses a specific facility where he wants to pick up the consignment.

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